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World of Warships [SOI] Many GEOs

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Iblame Summers
Comment from : Iblame Summers

Do any cellphone apps have bread crumbs? or do I need a Garmin for that?
Comment from : sal1964

Mike Aesoph
Well..... My favorite Outdoor GPS App of all time was Backpacker GPS Trails - Great ease of use and fantastic trip organization.......... It's been discontinued. Anyone know of a suitable replacement???? I've tried dozens and nothing measures up.
Comment from : Mike Aesoph

Adi Haryo Yudanto
I want to share a good offline map tracking. It’s “MAP.ME”, it’s free and reliable.
Comment from : Adi Haryo Yudanto

Julian Casamonte
"Great ! always a ""thing to do "" before a long hike , … my tip on this will be … well: used to worry about durability but i discovered AGM :) I have checked out the review on thatagmdude(dot)blogspot(dot)com/2017/03/RDeen0Xagmx1part1(dot)html is ridiculous how good the gold x1 is for less than 300 euros... more if you are as clumsy as me and the phone is gonna meet the floor a lot xP
again thx for the note!!"

Comment from : Julian Casamonte

Trent Stromberg
The Avenza Map App has by far the largest library of free maps available.
Comment from : Trent Stromberg

if you've ever tried Spyglass from Happy Magenta, I'm sure you'd love that app too!
Comment from : isleepy1

ViewRanger is a really cool app as well.
Comment from : b1gr0d

Adrian Casamonte
Thanks for the vid! To me Strava is the best!! i hope there released a version for hikers too... I love the social component of it :) I use it now n my AGM X1 ... cool rugged cheap phone: check it out!! It has (Octa-Core 1.5 GHz, 4GB ram, 64GB mem :O ) ; i got it as a gift and cant leave it alone , didnt knew a phone could endurance taht much... and is really cool since in my hikes i tend to kiss the floor quite usually xP
Comment from : Adrian Casamonte

Yuri Boiblu
this iPhone app is easy to use and fairly cheap too. thanks man!
Comment from : Yuri Boiblu

J Jaldin
Thank you so much!!
Comment from : J Jaldin

Ali Alami
You should check out Cairn, it not only provides free offline topo maps but shows spots of cell coverage and safety notifications.
Comment from : Ali Alami

Geri R
Great video... This may be a silly question, but Can I use the Motion X GPS for rural route in Ontario, Canada?

Thanks Geri

Comment from : Geri R

"Coordinate Converter" is also a handy app if you're dealing with different coordinate systems. I have maps of various vintages, on top of my GPS, and I sometimes find myself having to translate between different coordinate systems. This is on Android, I'm sure Apple will have the same or similar.
Comment from : JustinHEMI

Phil Layne Jr

Comment from : Phil Layne Jr

Phil Layne Jr
I like Backcountry navigator pro. I also enjoy your videos.
Comment from : Phil Layne Jr

Phil Layne Jr
Not everyone uses iphone.
Comment from : Phil Layne Jr

Adventures with Frodo
Are these iphone apps
Comment from : Adventures with Frodo

Casual Game Factory
Use Enlight for a year already, a really cool app. You should also try Spyglass nav app, I found it extremely helpful for hiking
Comment from : Casual Game Factory

For sure downloading GearGrams now. You should check out Avenza map app as well.
Comment from : BackpackingBen

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