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Title :  The Innovation Of Markets, Said
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Date of publication :   2019-10-02
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The Innovation Of Markets, Said

What is a market innovation?

It is a e-commerce platform for indie producers.

In terms of e-commerce, the transformation for the consumer, many manufacturers and inventors that have been left outside of the technological details of the revolution. was It can be particularly difficult for the indie-manufacturer and inventor. It is often difficult to make the leap from the planning stage, such as a garage start-up the production and make your way to the market.

Here is where the platforms of innovation come into play. They allow the inventor to circumvent the traditional product life cycle barriers to competition with the manufacturers and retailers.

To sell the Innovation to the markets, what allows you, directly to your customers.

Like a Blockchain, the of innovations for the labour market?

The buyers of local manufacturers connects.

This platform is the product of the inventor and the manufacturer, the local good access to the markets for your target audience. The buyer and the manufacturer to connect directly into a distributed environment, where you can replace on his own terms.

The buyer will have access to a wide selection of original articles, the first in your area-manufacturer prices.

The owners of the product, you can promote to and sell to an avid market without large initial investments and fees.

How is it different from regular platforms for e-commerce?

So, you can buy directly from the inventor and manufacturer.

Regular blockchain markets connect buyers and sellers, than any online platform do. To help in contrast to them, the innovation that markets are designed, certain groups of sellers and buyers.

The sellers are indie producers sell their products to a young and unknown place. The buyer, in turn, the adventure of the first existing parties involved in the innovation of products.

With Blockchain, to control the market participants, and moderate products, and watch with fakes or smuggled goods), and knock-offs. This allows for the creation of a secure and transparent market with the original products at fair prices.

As the buyer and the seller benefit from these markets?

The prices are low, because the platforms between the retailers cut.

Traditionally, the inventors and manufacturers of new products need large marketing budgets, and to reach the insight of the company to their customers. In addition, you need to freeze substantial financial resources "accounts receivable" in the long run, profits and have large households, storage, order processing, etc.

Due to these challenges, many of the innovative products are fighting the owner, to reach your target audience and their products have remained limited to a local market.

In addition, the agent for inflating the cost of the product at each stage of the chain. If, finally, the successes, the numbers of the shelves, the user ultimately.

Blockchain many of these defects can be solved. To eliminate the innovation of the markets, the brokers act as intermediaries between manufacturers and end-users.

And why don't Amazon and Kickstarter?

You have to bear the high costs and the work is only part of the cycle takes a new product for the mass market.

Many inventors have used Kickstarter to get your projects in front of the audience correctly. After the success of a crowdfunding campaign, you can sell your products in the world’s largest e-commerce platform from Amazon.

Recently, however, the technology of the blockchain has taken to Kickstarter so.

The entrepreneur of the fundraising on Kickstarter, you need to be ready to control to pay for the platform, for the 5% on the capital. The process of payment of the kwf-share of between 3% and 5%. These costs lead to a rise in the prices of goods to the donor. Fees on Amazon are also important, and the competition can be brutal.

Kickstarter does not guarantee the successful entry into the market. After the completion of the campaign, the inventors are faced with the same problem in the beginning of it– how is the transition from a niche market to a mass market.

There is a market, the gap between Kickstarter and Amazon, and other markets of the masses. A vacuum, the decentralized technology and innovation, can help the markets, the inventors of the cross.

Then, comentario, not Blockchain auxilios, exactly?

Ensuring confidence, transparency and low prices.

It enables the establishment of transparent, reliable systems for the control of quality, the satisfaction and feedback of the customers. Ensures fair and objective provider ratings and reviews for products that can not be changed or manipulated. All of this creates a mutual trust between consumers and providers.

Smart contracts allow for buyer and seller to come to an agreement, and to perform self-regulated mutual institutions.

Thanks to this "trust digital" can be worthy of the communities operating in a decentralized environment, so that sellers, buyers and investors take advantage of the weakness of the barriers and agile business processes.

In addition, the segmentation provides a safe, quick and anonymous transactions, and the potential for the assessment of value.

To achieve this, but how does it work?

We will see.

An example for a project of this market Hamster market. The project is designed to help one find a buyer, one-of-a-kind products and buy them without any intermediary, choose.

The coin, issued by the company, is one of a number of payment methods on the platform. While buyers will be able to purchases on the fiat, go shopping, with the chips allow you to buy with a zero from the Commission.

The tokens allow you to pay the supplier the prices for the services on the platform, place, advertising, and other.

The network is focused on ensuring the transparency of management decisions by blockchain mechanisms of the vote.

How blockchain the vote?

À l 'aide d' un proof-of-stake protocole.

For the vote on a particular decision, the platform of a peer-to-peer network is based, for the first time has been released, agreed to the proof-of-stake (PoS) Protocol, Peercoin.

The consensus algorithm is valid from a certain version of the blockchain. In the test work (pow) protocols such as the Bitcoin, the consensus comes to minors, the use of their resources, to "rate" on approval of the extension of the blockchain. In exchange for their resources and their voices, we are rewarded with newly minted coins.

With Tpv, the method of blockchain voting (i.e., validation) change the user to your resources for the Stakeout of their currencies.

As this type of platforms, so that the seller?

Tap on the hearings of the indie manufacturers.

The Crowdfunding platforms, it’ the hearings are usually the first to adopt and visionary of the buyer. They are very open to innovative products and are more likely to be on the creation of a public database about a certain product.

For access to these buyers, the innovation that can attract markets, the inventor and manufacturer, which have been already carried out successful fundraising campaigns. These inventors are prone to use for the promotion of the organic market to your audience.

The target groups of the innovation of products tend to be very loyal to a project, you know. In comparison to other consumers to adopt the more likely that a platform with a wide range of unhcr-products, in-room safe, decentralized environment, low prices and a high level of security.

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Noah Vang Channel
Missed Bitcoin from the start? Try Pi Network www.minepi.com ... invitation code is vangmn. Could be big like BTC. Good luck!
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I hear a lot of talk about a worldwide recession in 2020 on the news lately. What do you think that will do to bitcoin?
Comment from : MSMGTA

Pablo Castro
Progress they say shows when hardwork is put into a venture. I was experiencing lapses in putting enough work into trading,and my job made it nearly impossible for me to earn. Until I came across Mr Gary winks , turned my life around, I'm so grateful👏👏.
Comment from : Pablo Castro

Duuuude, its Van Eck, not Van Ike. Its Eck, like Heck but without the H. Sorry bit my tongue the first time but now have to mention it ✌🏻
Comment from : decanted

Chris in FPV
I think we demean ourselves as a sector talking about time travelers, don't we?? That said obviously if BTC is 100K in 3 months I'm all aboard the time travelers lol
Comment from : Chris in FPV

Petrean Tudor
tron :))))) band of noobs
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Javier Vazquez
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antonioh Lopez
Tom lee don't know shit! he's always wrong...
Comment from : antonioh Lopez

Jack June
Why aren't my smashes making btc go up?
Comment from : Jack June

Edward Myers
What do you think about TRISA?

Comment from : Edward Myers

Kareem R
my opinion i think some alts have potential on a quick speculative pump.. alot have great technology, but me personally not putting much faith espically with powers that be. i like vet,ada,trx in the long run though how would that make me money. bitcoin has such a huge marketcap. its gonna take alot to destroy that value. money talks
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Big move to the Downside.
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Big September Drop . . . Followed by Big October Rise

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Bakt + halving = $
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Alt season is not possible with us hodlers talking about it every day. This requires a mass amount of noobs. I don't know anyone interested at this point. This bear is still fresh. 2021 is a better expectation
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Just buy hold and shut your ears. Too many experts have been wrong too many times. Can't trust any one of these experts.
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Great job George!
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Crypto Polar Bear
Feeling like this the calm before the move up like the end of 2013. Very similar.
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I'll bet U that it won't happen before Bakkt is operational on the 23rd!!!
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U showed a video of the rsi at the bottom and said we were going over 14k like 5 weeks ago and nothing happend still...
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